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Zombie Strike, alternatively stylized as Zombiestrike, is a series of Nerf dart, disc, and Super Soaker blasters that was released on August 4, 2013.


The Zombie Strike series, as its name suggests, is themed after the concept of a zombie apocalypse, as popularly depicted in various pieces of media. A number of blasters have a "homemade, DIY" theme to them as well, featuring power and hand tools built into their designs; others have a cloth-like pattern molded into their handles.

Some blasters feature the logos of other series sculpted into their shells; the Crossfire Bow and Sidestrike have the N-Strike Elite logo built into them, whereas the Fusefire has the Vortex logo. The European releases of these products reflect this in their packaging, as these logos are depicted alongside the Zombie Strike one, making it appear that Zombie Strike is a sub-series. This is missing from the United States releases, which emphasize that Zombie Strike is its own distinct series of products.

A YouTube mini-series expands on the story represented by the products, providing comical tips and scenarios for surviving a Nerf zombie apocalypse.



The Boomer Nova, a pre-production version of the SledgeFire.

During pre-production on the series, Zombie Strike was known as Zombie Hunter, as seen on photos of a SledgeFire prototype. At this point, it also had a different logo design.

In November of 2013, the Zombie Strike series released its first Super Soaker, the Point Break, which came in its own twin pack. Additional Super Soakers would be released in 2015.

It was succeeded by the 2024 Zombie series of blasters.

Zombie Strike products[]


Name Year released
Hammershot Hammershot 2013
Sledgefire SledgeFire 2013
CrossFire new Crossfire Bow 2014
Real doublestrike Doublestrike 2014
Fusefire-2 Fusefire 2014
ZStrikeJolt Jolt 2014 (Target Set)
Ricochet new Ricochet 2014
RipshotFinalized Ripshot 2014
RoughCut-ZStrikegreen Rough Cut 2x4 2014 (Rough Cut 2x4 2 Pack)
Sidestrike-2 Sidestrike 2014
Slingfire SlingFire 2014
FlipFury FlipFury 2015
Doominator Doominator 2015
SilentStrike SilentStrike 2016
Brainsaw new Brainsaw 2016
Crosscut Crosscut 2016
Clampdown Clampdown 2016
Dreadbolt Dreadbolt 2017
OutbreakerBow Outbreaker Bow 2017
RevReaper RevReaper 2018
Nerf Zombiestrike Ripchain Ripchain 2018
Nerf-zombie-strike-wrathbolt-blaster--75C25E3B.zoom Wrathbolt 2018
Nerf Quadrot Quadrot 2019
Alternator Alternator 2020
Ghoulgrinderot Ghoulgrinder 2020

Product sets[]

Name Year released
PointBreakBattleBlast Point Break Battle Blast 2013
ZStrikeStarterKit Starter Kit 2013
RoughCut2x42Pack Rough Cut 2x4 2 Pack 2014
JoltTarget Target Set 2014
Doublestrike 2-Pack box Doublestrike 2-Pack 2015
Clampdown 2-Pack box Clampdown 2 Pack 2016
Crosscut Strikeblade box Crosscut & Strikeblade ?


Name Year released
Blastersleeve2 Blaster Sleeve 2013
ZombieStrikeBandanaFinal Dual Face Bandana 2013
RangePAK Utility Pouch 2013
Target Cans Zombie Strike Target Can 2013
Z-Bombz Z-Bombz 2013
ZbombHolster Z-Bomb Holster 2013
Zombie Machete Zombie Machete 2013
ZombieStrikeDart 12 Zombie Strike Dart Refill 2013
Nzs-hipholster-1 Hip Blaster Holster 2014
ZStrikeBlade Strikeblade 2014
XLRDisc10 XLR Disc Refill 2014
Zombie Strike Glow Disc Glow-In-The-Dark Disc Refill 2014
Z-Bat-0 Z-Bat 2014
Deadsaw Deadsaw 2016
ZS arrow refill Arrow Refill 2017
2017 zombie strike holster Hip Holster 2017
ZS target Inflatable Target 2017

Super Soakers[]

Name Year released
DreadShot DreadShot 2015
Extinguisher Extinguisher 2015
SplatterBlast SplatterBlast 2015
Dreadsight Dreadsight 2018
Ripstorm Ripstorm 2018



Main article: Biosquad

The Biosquad sub-series features blasters with the ability to fire both darts and water or Silly String-like Zombie Repellent.

Micro Shots[]

Main article: Micro Shots

The Micro Shots sub-series features Jolt-like blasters molded to look like blasters from multiple series, including promotional Star Wars blasters.


Main article: Revenge

The Revenge sub-series features Super Soakers that have the ability to fire both water and Infectizide.

Power Shock[]

Main article: Power Shock

The Power Shock sub-series features blasters that have built-in lights and sounds.

Survival System[]

Main article: Survival System

The Survival System sub-series features blasters that have the ability to be customized.

Z.E.D. Squad[]

Main article: Z.E.D. Squad

The Z.E.D. Squad sub-series features re-released blasters with color schemes similar to that of standard Zombie Strike blasters. Blasters feature no performance change. Melee weapons produced by Perpetual Play Group were also released under the Z.E.D. Squad sub-series.


  • Zombie Strike may also have been influenced by the growing-in-popularity game of Humans vs. Zombies.[citation needed]
  • It has been theorized that the Zombie Strike series was originally supposed to be western-themed, with early blasters such as the Hammershot, SledgeFire, SlingFire, and Doublestrike fitting the bill for "cowboy-action" blasters. Other early blasters from 2014 may have also been intended for release into the N-Strike Elite or Vortex series — based on the logos that appear on their shells — but were repurposed into the Zombie Strike series. It is also possible that the western theme wasn't completely scrapped and instead evolved into the Doomlands 2169 series. There is little evidence to support this theory, however.
  • Across all of its sub-series, the Zombie Strike series features seven different ammunition types: Zombie Strike Darts, Mega Darts, Arrows, XLR Discs, water, Zombie Repellent, and Infectizide.