The Zombie Fighter 8 Shot is a Humans vs. Zombies-branded blaster that was released in 2011.

It comes packaged with eight Micro Darts.

It is a Toys "R" Us exclusive.


The Zombie Fighter 8 Shot features two accessory rails compatible with Nerf tactical rail accessories: one on top and the other on bottom. Its turret rotates counter-clockwise on the prime.

It advertises a firing range of up to twenty feet (seven meters).

Official description


The Zombie Fighter 8 Shot was re-released in 2012 under the Air Zone brand as the 8 Shots Blaster. This version came packaged with an ammo rack, scope, a missile launcher, and one missile.

It was re-released again as a Banzai blaster as the Turbo Power Blaster.

Color schemes

The Zombie Fighter 8 Shot has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Zombie Fighter 8 Shot (pale blue, black, white, and orange)
  • 8 Shots Blaster (white, gray, and orange)
  • Turbo Power Blaster (green, blue, and orange)

Blaster sets

The Turbo Power Blaster was released within two blaster sets: the Turbo Battle Pack, comparable to the 8 Shots Blaster release, and the Tag Blast Target Blast, which comes packaged with an electronic target board.



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