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The Xcess is an Air Zone blaster that was released in 2012.

It comes packaged in blaster sets and cannot be purchased separately.


The Xcess is a revolver-style blaster with two dart-loading cylinders and a top portion where discs can be loaded. Both types of ammunition are primed and fired from the same priming and firing mechanisms. The top-most cylinder is where darts are fired from; this auto-advances on the prime. Cylinders can be swapped between with manual force.


It is a re-release of the 2012 X-Shot Xcess. It shares a color scheme with the X-Shot Zombie version of the Xcess.

Blaster sets

Two Xcess blasters are included in the Xcess Double Pack, alongside a target and a set of Practice Target Cans. Two are also included in the Dual Double Xcess Twin Pack, alongside two X-Shot Dual blasters.


  • Unlike the X-Shot Dual or the Micro X Shot, the Air Zone release of the Xcess does not include "X-Shot" in its name.
  • An alternate version of the Xcess Double Pack refers to the blaster as just X Shot.