The Xcess is a single-fire X-Shot blaster that was released in 2012.

It comes packaged with twelve X-Shot Darts and eight X-Shot Discs.


The Xcess is a medium-sized blaster that was released in 2012, and is modeled after a revolver. This blaster, unlike the blasters in the original X-Shot line that fire both darts and water, fires both darts and discs (alongside the Dual). It features a built-in cylinder drum similar to the Nerf Maverick REV-6, Spectre REV-5, or the Buzz Bee Tek 5. however this blaster has the highest capacity due to it having a second barrel that is attached to the blaster. Previous revolver blasters to have second barrels had them as detachable, however, the Xcess has them built-in to the blaster itself. This gives the blaster a huge advantage in rate of fire and capacity. The blaster is primed through the handle at the top of the blaster.

The blaster includes a number of features, among them being the ability to fire discs. The disc-firing function of the blaster is located above the darts, and the discs are stored in a similar fashion to the Dual. The barrels of the blaster do not feature air restrictors, although they cannot be rear-loaded due to a piece blocking the back of the darts from falling out. The blaster features a comfortable handle that can be used on any size of hands, big or small, and has a nice grip.

The blaster was initially not going to utilize a disc-firing function according to prototype shots of the blaster, and was instead only going to fire darts. For unknown reasons, however, the disc-firing function was added to the blaster for finalized production. This is somewhat the opposite to what happened with the X-Shot Sidewinder, where the disc-firing function was present in prototype variants, but removed later on.


This blaster was first shown in late 2011 alongside the Stalker and Vigilante. This blaster was given a release some time in mid-2012. This blaster was re-released under the Air Zone line in 2012; performance remained unchanged. Earlier packaging for the Air Zone release refers to the blaster simply as X Shot, but the proper Xcess name was used with later versions of it.

In late 2013, three new X-Shot lines were introduced (X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Girl, and X-Shot Zombie), consisting of some re-released versions of previous X-Shot blasters as well as new blasters. The Xcess was re-released in two out of the three lines, being released under the X-Shot Excel and X-Shot Zombie lines. For these new lines, the Xcess was packaged with new Excel Darts.

The Xcess was also re-released in 2013 with updated internals and claims of sixty-five foot ranges. Interestingly, the Excel blaster had range claims of fifty-five feet, whereas the older version without the Excel paint scheme had range claims of sixty-five.

It was then succeeded by the 2018 Xcess, which removed the disc launcher and boosted the performance, while giving it the same name.

Color schemes

The Xcess has been released in the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Xcess, simply load twelve darts into the cylindrical barrels and eight discs into the orange piece at the top of the blaster. Pull the handle at the back until a click is heard, and release forward.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart or disc.


  • The Xcess' name is more than likely a play on the word "excess", or the word "access". This could be due to the second barrel, giving the blaster an excess of darts, or ease of access to more rounds.
  • The Xcess is the second blaster in the X-Shot line to be released which fires discs.
  • The prototype of the Xcess' X-Shot Excel variant had three cylinders instead of two; this is not present on the final version as it still retained its two cylinder configuration, likely due to technical difficulties with the cylinders spinning.
  • It appears very similar to the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury, causing rumors that Nerf had made their first knockoff blaster.[citation needed]


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