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XXP is a series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 1996.


The XXP series is a hybrid of the successful XP line; it features XP soakers with two barrels. These soakers offered the same level of performance and capacity as XP soakers, but the addition of a second barrel made it so they could fire two streams at once. Some later soakers, such as the XP Backfire and the Double Drench would later re-explore this method. These soakers also feature Power Gauges, allowing users to determine how much more pumping is needed to fully pressurize their blasters.

This series was overshadowed and replaced by the CPS series, which arrived later on in the same year. Only two soakers were released before the series was dropped.


At the time of its release, it represented the largest class of Super Soakers.

This series is notable for having no soakers receiving a re-release or a re-coloring; the originals were the only ones produced. The CPS range succeeded this series upon its re-introduction in 1998.

XXP products

Super Soakers

Name Year
XXP175.jpg XXP-175 1996
XXP275.jpg XXP-275 1996


  • The name "XXP" is an acronym for "eXtra eXtra Power".
  • Following the XP and XXP lines, the XXP-275 has the second highest number in its name, and the highest until 2000, when the XP-310 was released.
  • This series ties the Max Infusion series as the series with the fewest new soakers within it (two).