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XP is a series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 1994.


Soakers released under the XP series were air-pressurized and featured firing triggers. All featured "XP" in the name, as well as a number, usually indicating water reservoir capacity. The series was initially advertised as "Shooting Twice As Much Water As The Original Super Soaker Series!".


XP had a successor series - XXP - which began and ended production during XP's lifespan; unlike XP, XXP only lasted the year of 1996.

The series was discontinued in 2001, making it one of the longest running Super Soaker series to date.

A number of XP soakers would be re-released into other Super Soaker series, such as Soaker Wars, the 2008 series, Max Infusion, SoakerTag and SoakerTag Elite, and even the Nerf 2011 series.

XP products

Super Soakers

Name Year released
XP75.jpg XP-75 1994
XP150.jpg XP-150 1994
XP250.jpg XP-250 1994
XP300.jpg XP-300 1994
XP35.JPG XP-35 1995
XP55.jpg XP-55 1995
XP95.jpg XP-95 1995
XP15.jpg XP-15 1996
XP65Box.JPG XP-65 1996
XP105Box.JPG XP-105 1996
XP110.jpg XP-110 1998
Unknown.jpg XP-20 1998
Unknown.jpg XP-40 1998
XP70OriginalBox.JPG XP-70 1998
Unknown.jpg XP-75: Classic Series 1998
XPPoolPumperCannonBox.jpg XP Pool Pumper Blaster 1998
Unknown.jpg XP-90: Pulse Fire 1999
Unknown.jpg XP-15: 2000 Edition 2000
XP220.jpg XP-220 2000
XP240.jpg XP-240 2000
XP270.jpg XP-270 2000
XP310.jpg XP-310 2000
Xp215.jpg XP-215 2001
XPBackfire.jpg XP Backfire 2001
XPTriplePlay.jpg XP Triple Play 2001


  • "XP" stands for "Xtra Power".