An XL Distance Dart is a type of Buzz Bee dart that was released in 2015 under the Air Max sub-series.


The XL Distance Dart is a larger dart than the standard Buzz Bee ammunition, the Suction Dart. The dart itself features a regular foam body with a suction cup dart head. International variants of the dart do not feature a suction-cupped dart head though both versions of the dart are compatible with clip system blasters because of the small size of the suction cup. XL Distance Darts are sometimes considered to be of a slightly lesser quality than Hasbro-branded products, though there have not been any conclusive results to prove this.

The XL Distance Dart is the Buzz Bee counterpart to the Nerf Mega Dart. As such, it is cross-compatible with all blasters in the N-Strike Mega series. Because of this, they are also compatible with Nerf Mega Clips as well as the intended Buzz Bee clips, such as the three dart and twelve dart clips.


XL Distance Darts were released under the Air Max series, with the first three compatible blasters being the Baron, Boss and Tyrant, in 2015. Strangely, there have not been any new blasters to use XL Distance Darts since these original three saw release.

Color schemes

The XL Distance Dart has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Standard (blue body and yellow head)
  • Alternate (green body and yellow head)
  • Overseas standard (blue body and flat yellow head)
  • Alternate overseas (green body and flat yellow head)

Refill sizes

XL Distance Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
BuzzBeeXLDartsRefill 12 4.99 USD[1]
5.99 CAD
29.99 MYR
BuzzBeeXLDarts14 14
(comes with a twelve dart clip)
BuzzBeeXLDarts26 26 11.99 CAD


  • Despite very similar size dimensions to the N-Strike Mega series Mega Dart, the inner dart diameter is different between the two darts.[2]
  • With their size and suction cup tips, they can be seen as the modern day equivalent to the original Mega Darts, which also had suction cup heads.



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