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X-Shot Zombie is a series of X-Shot dart blasters that was released in 2013.


The X-Shot Zombie series consists of re-releases of previous X-Shot blasters as well as new blasters, the first of which being the Scope. The X-Shot Zombie series may have been released to compete with Nerf's Zombie Strike series due to a similar theme.

The series was released alongside two other X-Shot series: X-Shot Pink Series and X-Shot Excel.

X-Shot Zombie blasters feature a white and black color scheme. Where the X-Shot logo is normally located on the blasters, instead, the face of a zombie is featured. The face of the zombie is also seen on target cans, which are included in some value packs for certain blasters. All blasters within this series come packaged with Excel Darts in an effort to match the performance levels of the Nerf N-Strike Elite line.

X-Shot Zombie products


Name Year
X-ShotZombieDual.jpg Dual 2013
X-ShotZombieMicro.jpg Micro 2013
X-ShotZombieScope.jpg Scope 2013
X-ShotStalkerZombie.jpg Stalker 2013
TurboFireZombie.jpg Turbo-Fire 2013
X-ShotVigilanteZombie.jpg Vigilante 2013
X-ShotXcessZombie.jpg Xcess 2013