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X-Shot Ninja is a series of X-Shot blasters that was released in 2019.


X-Shot Ninja is a series of dart blasters branded off of famous video game streamer, Ninja. All blasters under the series are re-releases of previous X-Shot blasters, such as the Regenerator and the Micro. Each blaster comes packaged with a metal dogtag necklace with Ninja's logo on it. It is advertised as being a "limited edition" run only available in 2019.


The X-Shot Ninja series was first announced and shown off at the 2019 Toy Fair.

X-Shot Ninja products


Name Year
Justice.jpg Justice 2019
NoRez.jpg No Rez 2019
QuickScope.jpg Quick Scope 2019
NinjaStealth.jpg Stealth 2019
TurboStrike.jpg Turbo Strike 2019


  • The video game that made Ninja famous, Fortnite, has a partnership with Nerf to produce dart blaster versions of weapons from the game.