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X-Shot Girl is a series of X-Shot dart blasters that was released in 2013.


The X-Shot Girl series consists of re-releases of previous X-Shot blasters. It is likely to have been released to compete with Nerf's Rebelle series alongside other competitor brands such as Buzz Bee's Wingz series and Lanard's Total Crush line.

The series was released alongside two other X-Shot series: X-Shot Zombie and X-Shot Excel.


Two initial blasters were confirmed for the series: the Micro and the Artemis. Early production blasters did not feature the eventual title of "X-Shot Pink Series" on the packaging.

In April of 2014, the X-Shot Girl line was renamed to the X-Shot Pink Series line.[1] The reasons for this are unknown, however both confirmed blasters were also renamed, from the Micro to the Mini, and from the Artemis to the Angel Fire.

The series was seemingly revived after 2016, but this time folded into its parent brand, X-Shot.

X-Shot Girl products


Name Year
X-ShotStalkerArtemis.jpg Artemis 2013
X-ShotGirlMicro.jpg Micro 2013


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