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Not to be confused with the original X-Shot-brand Dual.

The X-Shot Dual is an Air Zone blaster that was released in 2012.

It comes packaged with four X-Shot Darts and six X-Shot Discs.


The X-Shot Dual is a small blaster that fires both darts and discs from the same priming and firing mechanism. As a result, it can potentially fire one disc and one dart at the same time.

Unlike other Air Zone re-releases of previously existing blasters, the X-Shot Dual features slight changes, including an increase in disc capacity and a larger hole that discs are fired from.


It is a re-release of the 2011 X-Shot Dual.

Color schemes

The X-Shot Dual has been released with the following color schemes:

Blaster sets

The Double Dual blaster set includes two X-Shot Dual blasters alongside a set of Practice Target Cans. A second, unnamed blaster set has a target accessory instead. Both sets also include additional ammunition.

The Dual Double Xcess Twin Pack comes packaged with two X-Shot Dual blasters and two Xcess blasters.