X-Shot is a brand of Zuru dart blasters that was released in 2011.

Six series exist under the brand: X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Zombie, X-Shot Pink Series, Bug Attack, X-Shot Ninja, and X-Shot Chaos.



X-Shot blasters initially fired both water and darts. However, newer blasters dropped the use of water in favor of X-Shot Discs. Most modern blasters no longer fire a second ammunition anymore due to poor performance from both discs and water.

The brand was then expanded in late 2011 and 2012. For an extended period of time, there had not been any new blasters from early 2012, leading to a believed discontinuation, however, in late 2013, one new blaster was announced: the Micro.

Some X-Shot blasters began being marketed as Air Zone blasters starting in mid-2012.

In 2013, new series under the X-Shot name, X-Shot Excel and X-Shot Zombie, were released. Excel/Zombie blasters were essentially re-releases of all but 2011 blasters with stronger internals, new paint schemes and firing ranges of up to sixty-five feet.

The X-Shot Excel series was seemingly folded into its parent brand in 2016. Additionally, X-Shot and X-Shot Excel went through a color scheme change in 2016, from green, black, and yellow to yellow, orange, and navy blue. That same year, X-Shot Zombie and X-Shot Pink were discontinued, and Bug Attack was announced and released.

In 2017, X-Shot went through another color change from yellow, orange, and navy blue, to orange, navy blue, teal, and white.

Two new series were released in 2019 - X-Shot Ninja and X-Shot Chaos.

X-Shot products


Name Year
Dual1 Dual 2011
X-ShotSidewinder Sidewinder 2011
StealthX-Shot Stealth 2011
X-ShotThundershot Thundershot 2011
TurboFireX-Shot Turbo-Fire 2011
X-ShotStalker Stalker 2012
X-ShotVigilante Vigilante 2012
X-ShotXcess Xcess 2012
XShotMicro Micro 2013
Hurricane yellow Hurricane 2015
ReflexRevolver Reflex Revolver TK-6 2016
BarrelBreakerTEK3 Barrel Breaker TK-3 2016
MaxAttack yellow Max Attack 2017
Regenerator Regenerator 2017
TurboAdvance Turbo Advance 2017
Fury4 Fury 4 2018
HawkEye Hawk Eye 2018
Recoil Recoil 2018
Reflex6 Reflex 6 2018
TurboFire2019 Turbo Fire 2018
Vigilante2018 Vigilante 2018
Xcess 2018 Xcess 2018
Unknown Crusher 2020
Version of the 2018 MK 3 ?


Name Year
XShotDartRefill X-Shot Dart Refill Pack varies

Blaster sets

Name Year
2xHawkEye2xMicro 2x Hawk Eye & 2x Micro ?
2xMicro 2x Micro ?
2xMK3 2x MK 3 ?
2x Recoil 2x Recoil ?
2xReflex6 2x Reflex 6 ?
2xReflex62xKickback 2x Reflex 6 & 2x Kickback ?
Unknown 2x Reflex 6 & 2x Tek 3 ?
2xReflex62xMK3 2x Reflex 6 & 2x MK 3 ?
2xReflex62xPulse 2x Reflex 6 & 2x Pulse ?
2xXcess 2x Xcess ?
4xTek3 4x Tek 3 Shotgun Shootout Set ?
MaxAttackHurricane Max Attack & Hurricane ?
PromoPackLarge Promo Pack Large Max Attack & Hurricane ?
ReflexDoublePack Reflex Revolver TK-6 Double Pack ?
VigilanteMicro Vigilante & Micro ?


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