The Whiteout Series is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike blasters that was released in 2011.

The Whiteout Series was exclusive to Walmart in the United States and was exclusive to Big W in Australia.


Blasters released under the Whiteout Series featured a white, black, and orange color scheme; this color scheme is very similar to the color scheme used for the 2011 Nerf Super Soakers. Due to this color scheme, they are advertised for "arctic warfare". Whiteout Streamline and Whistler Darts were also released as part of this series, but are not included with the Whiteout blasters.

Whiteout blasters are thought to be notably more powerful than the originals, and this was proven by a member of Chinese Nerf community with a side-by-side testing.[citation needed]

An early mock-up image of a Whiteout Spectre's packaging was shown, but the blaster was never actually released. This may be due to the release of the N-Strike Elite line blasters and the hiatus on N-Strike blasters productions that lasted until 2015.


Although many Nerf modders like to paint their Nerf blasters to their liking, the Whiteout Series is an exception to this. Some prefer to go as far as buying a Whiteout blaster for the sake of gutting out their pre-existing modded blaster and putting the parts into the bodies of the Whiteout blasters.

Whiteout products


Name Year
Whiteout deploy05 Deploy CS-6 2011
Nerf Whiteout Series Longstrike CS-6 - 05 Longstrike CS-6 2011
Nerf Whiteout Series Maverick - 03 Maverick REV-6 2011
Nitefinderwhiteout Nite Finder EX-3 2011
Spectre Whiteoutbox Spectre REV-5 Unreleased


  • This is the only N-Strike color sub-series that does not have a Recon CS-6 in it.

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