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A Whistler Dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 2003.


Whistler Darts are variants of the Nerf Micro Dart. The ammo’s signature whistle is created by a small opening in its dart head. This whistle is easier to hear indoors.

The whistling tip can make the dart inaccurate compared to other dart types. If the opening faces upwards when shot, it may improve distance, due to an updraft keeping the dart from dropping.

They feature a firmer dart body and a stronger head, compared to the similar Sonic Micro Dart.


Whistler Darts and Sonic Micro Darts were available during the same period of time. However, Whistler Darts featured a longer shelf life, and would be discontinued in 2011, in favor for the standardized 2012 Elite Dart.

Color schemes

Whistler Darts have been released in the following color schemes:

Refill sizes

Whistler Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
WhistlerDart16.jpg 16 5.99 USD
WhistlerDart36.jpg 36 9.99 USD


  • The Whistler Darts packaged with the Clue Elimination blaster set have some notable differences. They have a "?" logo on the tip in place of the Nerf logo, the hole in the tip is larger, making a higher pitched sound, and the foam is denser, much like an Elite Dart.