Not to be confused with Dart Tag Vision Gear or N-Strike Elite Vision Gear.

Vision Gear is a Nerf product that was released in fall of 2013 under the Rebelle series.

They come packaged in the Sweet Revenge Kit, Sweet Mystery, and Wild Glam product sets and can be purchased separately.


Rebelle Vision Gear is similar to that of the 2004 version of the Dart Tag Vision Gear. However, unlike their Dart Tag counterpart, they only come in one color scheme: white. The lenses of the glasses are pink to fit in with the remainder of the Rebelle products.

Color schemes

Vision Gear has been released in the following color schemes:


  • Despite being seen on the cover of the packaging of the Powerbelle, Heartbreaker Bow, and Guardian Crossbow, it is unavailable with any of them.
  • It has been speculated that Rebelle Vision Gear may be able to decode messages written on Message Darts, but this has not been proven.


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