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This is an article about the 2004 Dart Tag Vision Gear. For other uses, see Vision Gear.

Vision Gear is a Nerf accessory that was released in 2004 under the Dart Tag series.

One pair comes packaged with the Vision Gear Kit.


Vision Gear is designed to protect eyesight of a user. They are an official product of the Nerf Dart Tag League and must be worn during matches. Many Nerf wars also require players to wear Vision Gear or some form of eyewear to avoid injuries and trouble with parents of younger Nerfers or the law.

The Vision Gear also protect eyes from 99.9% of Ultraviolet light, and therefore serve a secondary purpose as sunglasses.


The 2004 design was replaced in 2010 with a new version. Despite this, the 2004 design was packaged with the 2011 Deluxe 2-Player Starter Pack.

Color schemes

Vision Gear has been released with the following color schemes: