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The Vigilante is an X-Shot blaster that was released in 2012.

It comes packaged with ten X-Shot Darts.


The Vigilante is a large break-action blaster. A tab on the end of the blaster allows it to break away for loading. It also features an integrated shoulder stock and a set of iron sights on top of the blaster. The stock has space inside it that can store up to four extra darts.


The Vigilante was re-released in 2012 as an Air Zone blaster.

A later re-release of the Vigilante featured upgraded internals and boosted performance.

Color schemes

The Vigilante has been released in the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Vigilante, simply press the orange piece at the back of the blaster to unlock the loading mechanism. Insert two darts into the blaster, and close the blaster back up. Pull the handle at the front until a click is heard, and release forward.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart. Pulling the trigger again fires the second dart.


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