The Vendetta Double Sword is a Nerf weapon that was released in 2011 under the N-Force series.

It comes packaged with two swords that can be attached together to create "one Megablade".

The Vendetta is difficult to find in most common United States retail stores.


The center of the sword has a buckle like-attachment that joins the two blades together, acting as a part of the handle and as a bumper when these swords are used in a singular fashion. When combined, the sword is over four feet long, making it the longest N-Force weapon to date.

When the swords are separated, one has a clear advantage. While sparring with one sword, one can block incoming darts or add some extra attacks from the side. It can also be used to fight two opponents at a time. When separated, the Vendetta blades are of comparable lengths to standard Escrima sticks. They can be used to execute many Kali maneuvers, such as the sinawali.


  • Unlike other N-Force products, this may take more training to properly wield due to the Megablades's size and switching between functions (especially since a double-sword like weapon has never been thought as conventional bladed weapon).
  • Although it is considered a sword, the lack of a hilt/wrist guard makes it impossible to reliably be held by a Bandolier Strap, but can be held in the Tactical Vest.
  • The term "vendetta" is used to describe a long-term conflict between two parties, often family or clans.
    • Vendetta is also the Italian word for revenge.
  • The Vendetta, unlike the Vantage, Shadow Fury, and Thunder Fury, is made of a stronger, more rubbery like material, instead of the standard easily tearable foam.