The Vendetta Double Sword is a Nerf weapon that was released in 2011 under the N-Force series.

It comes packaged with two swords that can be attached together to create "one Megablade".


The center of the sword has a buckle like-attachment that joins the two blades together, acting as a part of the handle and as a bumper when these swords are used in a singular fashion. When combined, the sword is over four feet long, making it the longest N-Force weapon to date.

When the swords are separated, one has a clear advantage. While sparring with one sword, one can block incoming darts or add some extra attacks from the side. It can also be used to fight two opponents at a time. When separated, the Vendetta blades are of comparable lengths to standard Escrima sticks. They can be used to execute many Kali maneuvers, such as the sinawali.

Official description


  • Unlike other N-Force products, this may take more training to properly wield due to the Megablades's size and switching between functions (especially since a double-sword like weapon has never been thought as a conventional bladed weapon).
  • Although it is considered a sword, the lack of a hilt/wrist guard makes it impossible to reliably be held by a Bandolier Strap, but can be held in the Tactical Vest.
  • Vendetta is the Italian word for "revenge".
  • The Vendetta, unlike the Vantage, Shadow Fury, and Thunder Fury, is made of a stronger, more rubbery like material, instead of the standard easily tearable foam.


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