The Vantage Sword is a Nerf weapon that was released in 2011 under the N-Force series.


The Vantage Sword is a medium-sized sword, roughly the same size as the Thunder and Shadow Fury short swords. It has a sturdier grip than those two predecessors. It is also comparable to the Zombie Strike Strikeblade, similar in size and shape.

It is compact and tough; the grip is comfortable and its relatively easy to carry. The hooked shape of the stock can be used to pull an enemy's blaster, although this is unreliable and better suited for the Klaw Hatchet. The real beauty of the Vantage Sword is that when they are wielded in pairs; the hooks can be used to quite accurately fling one sword from another. While the Vantage Sword is light, it is short and lacks leverage. This means that while effective in close combat against blasters, it is easily defeated by other melee weapons, such as the Marauder Long Sword, which tend to be longer and/or heavier.

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  • The term "vantage" comes from Middle English, a simple derivative of the word "advantage".


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