The Utility Vest is a Nerf-branded Jazwares accessory that was released in 2017.

It comes packaged in the Gear Pack and Stealth Striker product sets and can also be purchased separately.


Similar to the Tactical Vest, the Utility Vest is used store darts or clips. It features storage for six darts and two clips on the top and also has a mesh pouch, which is designed to either hold darts or an extra six dart clip. The back of the Utility Vest could also store an eighteen dart clip or two more six dart clips.

It is advertised that the product is able to store up to fifty darts total.


The Utility Vest was released in summer of 2017.

A variant was later seen at the 2017 London Toy Fair. This variant could hold up to eighteen darts and four clips.


  • Although the Utility Vest's primary use is to store N-Strike and N-Strike Elite products, the accessory itself does not belong to any series.


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