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While my days of actively playing with Nerf and dart blasters are behind me, I still have a very high interest in the Nerfing hobby and brand altogether, from a historical and collecting standpoint, and also from an interest in toy design.

Have a question about the wiki? Drop me a message. I'm always here to help.

For information on blaster modification or general Nerf discussion, check out our forum and talk to various Nerfing enthusiasts!

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Wiki things...

To-do list

Current projects

(Italicized is what I'm actually currently working on)

  • Current: Project AAAAAAAAAAAAA: do most, if not all, of the things in my general to-do list:
    • Article rewrites
    • Splitting of articles
  • Paused: Project Nothing: filling out missing non-Nerf blaster articles
    • Interest in early/mid 2000s blasters with little to no documentation
  • Upcoming: Project Vintage Drive: fill out backlog of missing articles for "vintage" Nerf products
    • Expand on current articles, create what we're missing
  • Considering: Project Vidya: coverage of Nerf online, mobile, and home video games
    • Pages for fictional ammo types..?
    • Nerf Perfect Challenge service (I think that was the name..? double-check if you ever do this lol)
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