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While my days of actively playing with Nerf and dart blasters are behind me, I still have a very high interest in the Nerfing hobby and brand altogether, from a historical and collecting standpoint, and also from an interest in toy design.

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Wiki things...

To-do list

Current projects

(Italicized is what I'm actually currently working on)

  • Current Project Vintage Drive: fill out backlog of missing articles for "vintage" Nerf products
  • Paused: Project Vidya: coverage of Nerf online, mobile, and home video games
  • Paused: Project Nothing: filling out missing non-Nerf blaster articles
    • Interest in early/mid 2000s blasters with little to no documentation
    • Look further into Just Toys AirZone, because I'm very certain they have nothing to do with TRU Air Zone.
    • Expand on current articles, create what we're missing
  • Revamp infobox..?
  • ...introduce a review system/function like Gage wanted to years ago? He deserves that much, at least
  • Fix up the community pages, which are woefully blank

Wanted pages status

Listing wanted pages that I can't currently create and why.

  • Foam Dart Blaster - can't create; generic name gives me no leads, conflicting and confusing information online, if any at all
  • Tetra Raptor - can't create; literally no information online, aside from it coming in a two pack
  • 4 Dart Blaster - ????? supposedly a "modified/minified Tek 4" but there is literally nothing online about such a thing, possibly due to its generic name... old Pinterest link has an image of the Tetra Raptor... hmmmmm
  • Tactical Vest (2018) - bro what is this even referring to. hate these generic product names...
  • 1971, 1978, 1977, 1974, 1980, 1979, 1975 - no products to document, so far
  • Bluetooth Speaker - little to no information online, packaging similarly gives little to no information
  • Beef Boss, FishStick, Compact SMG, Pump SG - no reviews/capacity claims online. I need soaker capacity to make these articles
  • Transforming Tek - should this be split up into the core blaster and the side blasters?
  • Pocket Blaster - appears to be a missile/arrow-firing blaster, with ammo storage up top. all I have to go on is a teeny tiny image in an archived Buzz Bee listing...
  • Slinger - similarly no info except for a single image online. also, needs to be split into Slinger (Buzz Bee) and Slinger (Super Soaker)
  • Micro Missile - I miiiight be able to do this one, based on images available.
  • Playmak3rs - Was this cancelled? It was listed online on a few websites, but there is little to no info online otherwise. If not cancelled, it was given a very short window of release.
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