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About Me

Hey, I'm Captain Riley. I am a Admin here. I got into Nerf because my friend plays it a lot with kids on his street, and I played with them. I do not have the Video Games though. I also have big goals here. Besides Nerf and this Wiki I am into YouTube, Regular Show, Adventure Time, cartooning and other weird stuff.

Guest Book

Please sign here if you have been on my page!

  • Thomasz33 03:18, July 25, 2010 (UTC) :)
  • Pokefielder 07:57, December 16, 2010 (UTC) I am here so deal with it

Nerf Blasters I Have

I have these blasters in my arsenal. They all hang on my wall!

  • Stampede ECS 
  • Modded Vulcan EBF-25 - Has a 50 dart belt, air-restrictor removed and replaced spring. The barrel is cut-

    Got pic off eBay.

    off for more range. Got on eBay. I built a turret for it too.

Other Nerf

  • Modded Vulcan Tripod (A couple feet high).
  • Pop-Out Bipod

The Red Button

Red button.jpgWarning! DO NOT PRESS if you are logged in

My callsign. Got the idea from Thomasz33.

My Squad (Viper 1-6)

Members Commander Jakop

Primary Weapon: Mavrick REV-6

Secondary Weapon: Riot Shield

Melee: Sword

Attitude: Confident

Captain James "Predator" Riley

Primary Weapon: Stampede ECS w/ Bipod and Blast Shield


Secondary Weapon: Spectre REV-5

Melee: Klaw Hatchet

Attitude: Stealthy

Corporal James "Devil" Mario

Primary Weapon: Firefly REV-8

Secondary Weapon: None

Melee: Tactical Knife

Attitude: Bold

Colonel Ryan Cash

Primary Weapon: Longshot CS-6

Secondary Weapon: Nite Finder or Recon CS-6 with Drum Clip

Melee: Tactical Knife

Attitude: Large and In Charge

Private West

Primary: Mavrick REV-6

Secondary: None

Melee: None

Attitude: Scared

Sargeant Skinerd

Primary Weapon: Vulcan EBF-25

Seconday Weapon: Nite Finder

Melee: Fists

Attitude: Cocky


[Done] - Get 100 Edits

[Done] - Get 250 Edits

[Done] - Get 500 Edits

[Started Not Even Close]- Redo every stub.

[Done] - Put Reviews on every blaster page. Colonel Cash is helping.

[Done] - Become an admin.

[Done] - Become a highly praised user.

[Done] - Get 100 pages on this Wiki.

[Done] - Bring users to help.