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So, am I supposed to use this for something, or what?

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Total unique blasters: 86


Rip Rockets

Picture Blaster Notes
Blasthammerimage.png Blast Hammer First and so far only vintage Nerf blaster


Picture Blaster Notes
Recon.jpg Recon CS-6 My only yellow non-ICON N-Strike blaster
Gray trigger Jolt.png Jolt (x3) Specifically the Elite Repaint and the both of the Jolt 2-Pack colors
Doubledown.jpg DoubleDown First N-Strike blaster
Thunderblast.jpg ThunderBlast

ICON Series

Picture Blaster Notes
ICONElement.jpeg Element EX-6 First and so far only ICON Series blaster I own.

Vortex (Vortex VTX)

Picture Blaster Notes
NERF-VORTEX-VTX-VIGILON-Blaster.png Vigilon First and so far only Vortex blaster I own

N-Strike Elite

Picture Blaster Notes
Hailfire product.jpg Hail-Fire
Rampage.jpg Rampage
Retaliator.jpg Retaliator Pretty much non-functional
EliteXDFirestrike.jpg Firestrike Specifically the Elite XD version
RoughCut2x42014-0.jpg Rough Cut 2x4 First shotgun (Elite XD version)
Strongarm.jpg Strongarm First Nerf blaster I ever owned
TriadXD.jpg Triad EX-3 (x2) One modified to have a stock attachment point, and one stock (both Elite XD version)
AlphaTrooperCS6.jpg Alpha Trooper CS-6
CrossboltHasbroRelease.jpg CrossBolt
NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Dual-Strike-Blaster--pTRU1-22065414dt.jpg Dual-Strike
Hyper-Fire.jpg HyperFire First full-auto blaster
StratoBow new.jpg StratoBow
Disruptor.jpg Disruptor
Rayvenfire.jpg RayvenFire
Nerf N-Strike Surgefire.jpg SurgeFire
DeltaTrooper.jpeg Delta Trooper
Rukkus.jpg Rukkus ICS-8 First spring 2019 blaster
Trilogy DS-15.jpeg Trilogy DS-15

N-Strike Mega

Picture Blaster Notes
Magnus.jpg Magnus Currently disassembled
Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Mega-BigShock.jpg BigShock
CycloneShock.jpg CycloneShock
RotoFury.jpg RotoFury
Mastodon.jpg Mega Mastodon Batteries are dead. Need to deal with that eventually
DoubleBreach.jpg DoubleBreach
TwinShock new orange trigger.jpg TwinShock
Nerf MEGA Tri Break.jpg Tri-Break

Zombie Strike

Picture Blaster Notes
Hammershot.jpg Hammershot First Zombie Strike blaster
Sledgefire.jpg SledgeFire
CrossFire new.jpg Crossfire Bow
Real doublestrike.jpg Doublestrike Second dart likes to fling out when the first dart fires
Ricochet new.png Ricochet Why did I get this waste of $8?
Sidestrike-2.jpg Sidestrike Broken
FlipFury.jpg FlipFury
Brainsaw new.jpeg Brainsaw
Crosscut.jpg Crosscut
Alternator.jpg Alternator This and the Takedown XX-800 are my first 2020 blasters.

ZED Squad

Picture Blaster
ClearShot.jpg Clear Shot Currently disassembled
Longshot Zombie1.jpg Longshot CS-12 One of my first magazine-fed blasters

Doomlands 2169

Picture Blaster Notes
Lawbringer.jpg Lawbringer
Persuader.jpg Persuader First Doomlands blaster

Impact Zone

Picture Blaster Notes
DesolatorHD.jpeg Desolator I think this is my first Impact Zone blaster if I remember correctly.
LongarmHD.jpeg Longarm

N-Strike Modulus

Picture Blaster Notes
Modulus2.jpg Modulus ECS-10
Ionfire.jpg IonFire First N-Strike Modulus blaster + Modded a bunch of locks out
Nerf modulus recon mkii.jpg Recon MKII
TriStrike.jpg Tri-Strike
BarrelStrike.jpg BarrelStrike
MediatorBlaster.jpg Mediator


Picture Blaster Team Color
Apollo-red.jpg Apollo XV-700 Team Red
Zeus.jpg Zeus MXV-1200 Team Red
Atlas red.jpg Atlas XVI-1200 Team Red
KhaosMXVI4000.jpg Khaos MXVI-4000 Team Red
NemesisMXVII10kBlue.jpg Nemesis MXVII-10K Team Blue
KnockoutRed.jpeg Knockout XX-100 Team Red
NewPersesRed.png Perses MXIX-5000 Team Red
TakedownXX800.jpg Takedown XX-800 Team Red

Phantom Corps


Blaster Notes
Kronos.png Kronos XVIII-500 First Phantom Corps blaster
Prometheus.jpg Prometheus MXVIII-20K Most recent blaster (as of 12-25-20)

Alien Menace


Blaster Notes
Voidcaster.jpg Voidcaster First and so far only Alien Menace blaster





Alphahawk.jpg AlphaHawk First Accustrike blaster
Falconfire.jpg FalconFire
FocusFire.jpg FocusFire Crossbow First and so far only Rebelle blaster
Raptorstrike.jpg RaptorStrike
Quad.jpg Quadrant


Picture Blaster Notes
Motofury.jpg MotoFury First and so far only Nitro blaster

Micro Shots

Picture Blaster Notes
Firestrike Micro.jpg Firestrike
Strongarm Micro.jpg Strongarm First Micro Shots blaster, if I remember correctly.
Crossfiremicro.jpg Crossfire Bow
RoughCut Micro.jpg Rough Cut 2x4
Stryfemicro.jpg Stryfe

Alpha Strike

Picture Blaster Notes
Cobra.png Cobra RC-6 Favorite sidearm

Star Wars

Picture Blaster Notes
StormtrooperBlaster.jpg First Order Stormtrooper Blaster
ReyBlaster.jpg Rey (Jakku) Blaster It has a red Rebel logo, but I have no idea if it's the Island Journey version or just a manufacturing error




CaptainCassianAndorBlaster.jpg Captain Cassian Andor Blaster
ImperialTrooperBlaster.jpg Imperial Death Trooper Blaster First Glowstrike blaster, if I remember correctly
FirstOrderDeluxe GS.jpg First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster

Buzz Bee

The Walking Dead

Picture Blaster Notes
Abrahamsm16.jpg Abraham's M16 First and so far only Buzz Bee blaster


X-Shot Excel

Picture Blaster Notes
X-ShotMicroExcel.jpg Micro First and so far only Zuru blaster

Dart Zone

Picture Blaster Notes
BlitzfiresNew.jpeg Blitzfire (x2) First and so far only Dart Zone blaster (Blitzfire X1 versions)

Total wishlist blasters: 4



Picture Blaster Notes
Hyper rush.png Rush-40 Before I fully dive in feet first into Hyper, I really want to get this or the Siege-50 before I'm fully committed


Curve Shots

Picture Blaster Notes
Rivalhelix.png Helix XXI-2000 Would fill a blaster type in my arsenal that I currently don't have (that being a hopper-fed springer)

Adventure Force

Picture Blaster Notes
Villinator.jpeg Villainator Heard mixed reviews on this, but eh, still looks cool!

Tactical Strike

Picture Blaster Notes
Aeon Pro.jpeg Aeon Pro I want to at least 'try' out super-stock. I'm probably not going to constantly use it, but hey, an entry-level blaster is an entry-level blaster!