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The Amer1ciuM is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2016 under the Yellorange series.

He comes packaged with Y̌̌͗͜o̡̲̹͎̣̰̬̥̾͛̃̚uͮͨ̈́͛ͪ̊̔ ̦̺̝͙͉͒̈̍ͩͪ͗̐w̥͉͚͗͊iͣḻ̜̘͗ͮl̤͉̓ͪ͒͟ ̹̹̄͜n̷͔͙̝̬̳͋͛̓e̥̹̩̭̖͗́ͫ̊̑͊vͤ̂ͩ̓ẹ̘̓ŗ̯̤̻͔͇ͅ ́̄ͤ͑̀̒ͯ͏͔̣̹k̭͓͛̀ͅn͎̗̭͔o͖̘̣͛̚w̦͔̝̾̔̃ͮ͑ ̹̣̙ͪ̐ and instructions.


The Amer1ciuM is a Nerfer who likes Nerf blasters, of course. He also really likes to draw stuff both digitally and on paper. And that's pretty much it I think.[1]


The Amer1ciuM got his first blaster on August 2015, which was the Strongarm.

Later in April 2016, he became rather interested in the subject after discovering that Nerf blasters have actual names. His first 2 blasters after discovering his interest for his hobby were the IonFire and the Magnus.

Over time, his arsenal expanded and still does to this day.


  • The Amer1ciuM is famous now, because his username appeared on one of Drac's video, where he went on the Nerf Wiki to talk about the Alpha Strike series.
  • The Amer1ciuM really likes chicken nuggets. I don't know why but he does
  • For a period of time, the Amer1ciuM was scared to get shot with Nerf blasters, until he recently shot his hand using a Clear Shot, and it actually didn't hurt.



Rip Rockets

Picture Blaster Notes
Blasthammerimage Blast Hammer First and so far only Vintage Nerf blaster


Picture Blaster Notes
Recon Recon CS-6 My only yellow N-Strike blaster
Gray trigger Jolt Jolt (x3) Specifically the Elite Repaint and the both of the Jolt 2-Pack colors
Doubledown DoubleDown First N-Strike blaster
Thunderblast ThunderBlast

ICON Series

Picture Blaster Notes
ICONElement Element EX-6 First and so far only ICON Series blaster I own.

Vortex (Vortex VTX)

Picture Blaster Notes
NERF-VORTEX-VTX-VIGILON-Blaster Vigilon First and so far only Vortex blaster I own

N-Strike Elite

Picture Blaster Notes
Hailfire product Hail-Fire
Rampage Rampage Thought I was getting the Sonic ICE version, but ended up getting the standard Elite version
EliteXDFirestrike Firestrike Specifically the Elite XD version
RoughCut2x42014-0 Rough Cut 2x4 First shotgun (Elite XD version)
Strongarm Strongarm My first Nerf blaster
TriadXD Triad EX-3 (x2) One modified to have a stock attachment point, and one stock
Ojeat Alpha Trooper CS-6
CrossboltHasbroRelease CrossBolt
NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Dual-Strike-Blaster--pTRU1-22065414dt Dual-Strike
Hyper-Fire HyperFire First full-auto blaster
StratoBow new StratoBow
Disruptor Disruptor
Rayvenfire RayvenFire
Nerf N-Strike Surgefire SurgeFire
Mmexport1525512006246 Delta Trooper
41i-bsSPFiL. AC US218 Rukkus ICS-8 First spring 2019 blaster
Trilogy DS-15 Trilogy DS-15 Blaster I waited the longest for

N-Strike Mega

Picture Blaster Notes
1374765 356638724470310 636488361 n Magnus First Mega blaster, and currently disassembled
Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Mega-BigShock BigShock
CycloneShock CycloneShock
RotoFury RotoFury
Mastodon Mega Mastodon My largest blaster
DoubleBreach DoubleBreach
TwinShock new orange trigger TwinShock
Nerf MEGA Tri Break Tri-Break

Zombie Strike

Picture Blaster Notes
Hammershot Hammershot First Zombie Strike blaster
Sledgefire SledgeFire
CrossFire new Crossfire Bow
Real doublestrike Doublestrike Second dart likes to fling out when the first dart fires
Ricochet new Ricochet Why did I get this waste of $8?
Sidestrike-2 Sidestrike It's broken
FlipFury FlipFury
Brainsaw new Brainsaw
Crosscut Crosscut
Alternator Alternator This and the Takedown XX-800 are my first 2020 blasters.

ZED Squad

Picture Blaster
ClearShot Clear Shot
Longshot Zombie1 Longshot CS-12 One of my first magazine-fed blasters

Doomlands 2169

Picture Blaster Notes
Lawbringer Lawbringer
Persuader Persuader First Doomlands blaster

Impact Zone

Picture Blaster Notes
DesolatorHD Desolator I think this is my first Impact Zone blaster if I remember correctly.
LongarmHD Longarm

N-Strike Modulus

Picture Blaster Notes
Modulus2 Modulus ECS-10
Ionfire IonFire First N-Strike Modulus blaster
Nerf modulus recon mkii Recon MKII
TriStrike Tri-Strike
BarrelStrike BarrelStrike
MediatorBlaster Mediator


Picture Blaster Team Color
Apollo-red Apollo XV-700 Team Red
Zeus Zeus MXV-1200 Team Red
Atlas red Atlas XVI-1200 Team Red
KhaosMXVI4000 Khaos MXVI-4000 Team Red
NemesisMXVII10kBlue Nemesis MXVII-10K Team Blue
KnockoutRed Knockout XX-100 Team Red
NewPersesRed Perses MXIX-5000 Team Red
TakedownXX800 Takedown XX-800 Team Red

Phantom Corps


Blaster Notes
Kronos Kronos XVIII-500 First and so far only Phantom Corps blaster

Alien Menace


Blaster Notes
Voidcaster Voidcaster First and so far only Alien Menace blaster





Alphahawk AlphaHawk First Accustrike blaster
Falconfire FalconFire
FocusFire FocusFire Crossbow May be broken, I don't know
Raptorstrike RaptorStrike
Quad Quadrant


Picture Blaster Notes
Motofury MotoFury First and so far only Nitro blaster

Micro Shots

Picture Blaster Notes
81UHuJzl2jL. SL1500 Firestrike
81AxRZrasVL. SL1500 Strongarm First Micro Shots blaster, if I remember correctly.
Crossfiremicro Crossfire Bow
81dk82wJ0yL. SL1500 Rough Cut 2x4
Stryfemicro Stryfe

Alpha Strike

Picture Blaster Notes
Cobra Cobra RC-6 My trusty secondary. (Yes I'm weird)

Star Wars

Picture Blaster Notes
StormtrooperBlaster First Order Stormtrooper Blaster
ReyBlaster Rey (Jakku) Blaster It has a red Rebel logo but i don't know if it's the Island Journey version




CaptainCassianAndorBlaster Captain Cassian Andor Blaster
43B874A350569047F53BCA7C0D83245D Imperial Death Trooper Blaster First Glowstrike blaster, if I remember correctly
817eea2ea0709e1e2aa9c6a050b4774f First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster

Buzz Bee

The Walking Dead

Picture Blaster Notes
Abrahamsm16 Abraham's M16 First and so far only Buzz Bee blaster


X-Shot Excel

Picture Blaster Notes
X-ShotMicroExcel Micro First and so far only Zuru blaster

Dart Zone

Picture Blaster Notes
BlitzfiresNew Blitzfire (x2) Came in the newer variant of the set.

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1. Rick Astley (2009-10-24). Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video)

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