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Ultimate Blasters is a sub-series of Buzz Bee Air Blasters dart blasters that was released in 2010.


Blasters released within the Ultimate Blasters series featured the ability to connect to one another. Blasters were denoted with what order they were attached; "A-Type" are top blasters, "B-Type" are middle blasters, and "C-Type" are bottom blasters.

This idea was continued within the Air Warriors series with the use of Power-Lock connections, and blasters within the Ultimate Blasters series are compatible with connecting to other blasters with Power-Lock connections.

Ultimate Blasters products



Name Year
UltimateClipBlast.jpg Ultimate Clip Blast 2010
UltimateSnipeBlast.jpg Ultimate Snipe Blast 2010
Ultimate tek 10 con.jpg Ultimate Tek 10 2010


Name Year
UltimateBerserker.jpg Ultimate Berserker 2010
UltimateMissileBlast.jpg Ultimate Missile Blast 2010


Name Year
UltimateRapidBlast.jpg Ultimate Rapid Blast 2010


  • Buzz Bee had a similar series of water blasters that connected together, but did not feature the same "A/B/C-Type" system, as each blaster could connect to each other, no matter whether it was smaller or bigger than the connected blaster.
  • The sub-series is also referred to as the Ultimate System on blasters' packaging.