The USB Flash Drive, commonly shortened to Flash Drive, is a Nerf-branded Sakar International flash drive that was released in 2011.


It is a flash drive that is shaped like a Barricade RV-10. It has a keyring attached to the end of the cap and not the flash drive itself. While resembling the Barricade, it is noticeably different in some aspects, such as the handle, or the main part of the blaster, which is slightly squashed down in size when compared to the real blaster.

The USB Flash Drive has been released in three variants: a 2GB version, a 4GB version, and an 8GB version. The 2014 variant has only been released in a 4GB version and an 8GB version.


In July 2014, a version of the USB Flash Drive was released designed after the N-Strike Elite Stockade.[1] Despite the series the blaster was released in, it was released as an N-Strike blaster, indicating that it could have just been the original Barricade version, albeit blue instead of yellow.

Color schemes

The Flash Drive has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Original (yellow, black, and orange)
  • N-Strike (blue, black, gray, and orange)



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