The TwinShock is a Nerf blaster that was released in August of 2017 under the N-Strike Mega series.

It comes packaged with ten Mega Darts.[1]


The TwinShock is a pump action blaster that fires ten Mega Darts, two at a time. It has the ability to be slam fired.[1] It sports two tactical rails and two strap points built onto the top of the blaster.

It advertises a firing range of up to eighty-five feet (twenty-six meters).

Official description


The TwinShock was officially announced on January 30, 2017.[1]


  • Some Nerfers consider the TwinShock the successor of the Rough Cut 2x4 due to similarities between the two. Both are front-loading, shotgun-style blasters that feature a two-step trigger and multiple muzzles laid out in two columns.
  • The TwinShock could arguably be considered a rival to the RotoFury, as they are both pump-action blasters with identical dart capacities.


The full image gallery for TwinShock may be viewed at TwinShock/Gallery.


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