The twenty-five dart drum is a Nerf dart drum.

It comes packaged with certain Nerf blasters. It cannot be purchased separately in stores.


As the name would suggest, it can hold up to twenty-five Elite Darts. It is larger than the eighteen dart drum and smaller than the thirty-five dart drum. Unlike other drums that attach to blasters at their sides, the twenty-five dart drum connects to a blaster at its center. It is also compatible with Streamline Darts.

It features a centered design when compared to the previous thirty-five dart drum and eighteen dart drum.


As this comes packaged with the Rampage, it is generally assumed this is the successor to the thirty-five dart drum, the drum packaged with the Rampage's predecessor, the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35.

Color schemes and other variations

There are several variations of the twenty-five dart drum:

  • N-Strike Elite (follower cast in black plastic, painted black center of the drum, painted orange "N-Strike Elite" and "Nerf" logos, painted black "Front" inscription; available with the original release of the N-Strike Elite Rampage)
  • Sonic ICE (follower cast in orange plastic, lighter gray plastic than all other versions, painted medium gray center of the drum, unpainted light gray "N-Strike Elite" logo, painted orange "Nerf" logo, painted orange "Front" inscription: packaged with the Sonic ICE Rampage)
  • "Economy" Rampage/SlingFire value pack (follower cast in black plastic, unpainted light gray center of the drum, painted dark gray "N-Strike Elite" logo, unpainted light gray "Nerf" logo, painted black "Front" inscription)
  • Rhino-Fire (follower cast in orange plastic, unpainted light gray center of the drum, painted black "N-Strike Elite" logo, unpainted light gray "Nerf" logo, unpainted "Front" inscription)
  • HyperFire (logos in black, rest of body is orange)
  • AccuStrike Series (orange and white)


The twenty-five dart drum comes packaged with the following products:


  • Like many other Nerf clips and drums, the twenty-five dart drum can hold an additional dart, at the risk of causing blaster jams and dart damaging.


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