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The twenty-five dart drum is a Nerf dart drum.

It comes packaged with certain Nerf blasters. It cannot be purchased separately in stores.


As the name would suggest, it can hold up to twenty-five Elite Darts. It is larger than the eighteen dart drum and smaller than the thirty-five dart drum. Unlike other drums that attach to blasters at their sides, the twenty-five dart drum connects to a blaster at its center. It is also compatible with Streamline Darts.

It features a centered design when compared to the previous thirty-five dart drum and eighteen dart drum.


As this comes packaged with the Rampage, it is generally assumed this is the successor to the thirty-five dart drum, the drum packaged with the Rampage's predecessor, the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35.

Color schemes

The twenty-five dart drum has been released with the following color schemes:

  • N-Strike Elite (follower cast in black plastic, painted black center of the drum, painted orange "N-Strike Elite" and "Nerf" logos, painted black "Front" inscription; available with the original release of the N-Strike Elite Rampage)
  • Sonic ICE (follower cast in orange plastic, lighter gray plastic than all other versions, painted medium gray center of the drum, unpainted light gray "N-Strike Elite" logo, painted orange "Nerf" logo, painted orange "Front" inscription: packaged with the Sonic ICE Rampage)
  • "Economy" Rampage/SlingFire value pack (follower cast in black plastic, unpainted light gray center of the drum, painted dark gray "N-Strike Elite" logo, unpainted light gray "Nerf" logo, painted black "Front" inscription)
  • Rhino-Fire (follower cast in orange plastic, unpainted light gray center of the drum, painted black "N-Strike Elite" logo, unpainted light gray "Nerf" logo, unpainted "Front" inscription)
  • HyperFire (logos in black, rest of body is orange)
  • AccuStrike Series (orange and white)


The twenty-five dart drum comes packaged with the following products:


  • Despite being advertised to hold twenty-five darts, a total of twenty-seven darts can be fit into the drum without any damage. However, loading it past the advertised capacity makes blasters more prone to jamming and darts more prone to warping and damage.


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