Not to be confused with cylinder.


The Nerf Alien Menace Ravager, an example of a blaster with a rotating turret.

A turret is a component found on some externally-loaded dart blasters.


Rotating turret

Rotating turrets, as their name suggests, are turrets that rotate. They are extremely similar to cylinders, to the point where the terms are often used interchangeably. What makes a rotating turret different from a cylinder is that turrets are more exposed, especially the front chambers.

Fixed turret

A fixed turret, also known as a stationary turret, is a turret that does not rotate. Nerf blasters with stationary turrets usually fire the darts via intelligent air restrictor. On Non-Nerf blasters, such as the Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Night Tek, darts are usually fired via an internal rotation mechanism that redirects airflow to multiple barrels.

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