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Not to be confused with cylinder.

A turret is a component found on some externally-loaded dart blasters.


Dart post turret

The Air Tech 1000, an example of a blaster with a dart post turret.

A dart post turret is a type of turret that is found on many older blasters. The turret does not have any chambers and only consists of dart posts. Airflow is delivered through the dart posts. Dart post turrets may be rotating or fixed.

Fixed turret

The Secret Shot, an example of a blaster with a fixed turret.

A fixed turret, also known as a stationary turret, is a turret that does not rotate. Nerf blasters with stationary turrets usually fire the darts via intelligent air restrictor. On Non-Nerf blasters, such as the Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Night Tek, darts are usually fired via an internal rotation mechanism that redirects airflow to multiple barrels.

Magazine turret

The Artemis XVII-3000, an example of a blaster with a magazine turret.

A magazine turret is an internal turret usually found on RIVAL blasters. The turret rotates and allows blasters to feed rounds from multiple internal magazines. Examples of blasters that use a magazine turret are the Artemis XVII-3000, Hades XVIII-6000, and Roundhouse XX-1500.

Rotating turret

The Ravager, an example of a blaster with a rotating turret.

Rotating turrets, as their name suggests, are turrets that rotate. They are extremely similar to cylinders, to the point where the terms are often used interchangeably. Additionally, the turrets utilize a rotation mechanism. What makes a rotating turret different from a cylinder is that turrets are more exposed, especially the front chambers.

Wheel turret

The GhoulGrinder, an example of a blaster with a wheel turret.

A wheel turret, also known as a disc turret or a pan turret, is a type of turret that has the darts configured in such a way that they point outwards along the circumference, similar to a real life percussion turret gun. Wheel and pan turrets revolve around a horizontal or vertical axis perpendicular to the blaster's barrel via a rotation mechanism, unlike a cylinder or revolving turret, which revolve around an axis parallel to the barrel. The wheel turret was first introduced in 2020 with the Nerf Zombie Strike GhoulGrinder, which rotated on a horizontal axis.