The Turbo Blast-Back Football is a Nerf product that was released in 1995 under the Nerf Sports series.


Designed by Mark McGonigle, the Turbo Blast-Back Football featured a unique, teardrop-like design, which consists of one pointed end and one blunt end. This allows the ball to be thrown against a wall, making it bounce back towards the thrower. It can also be kicked and thrown just like a standard shaped football.


The Turbo Blast-Back Football was first released in 1995 as part of Kenner's line of Nerf Sports products. In 1999, Hasbro re-released it as the NFL Turbo Blastback Football with official endorsement from the NFL.


  • As a Nerf product, the Blast-Back Football is discontinued. However, it is still being manufactured to this day as a product of PassBack Sports, and is known as the PassBack Football. It is made in foam, composite leather, and rubber. In recent years, the PassBack Football has gained recognition as one of the world's leading football training aids.[1]

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