The Triple Torch is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1998 under the Mega Blitz series.

It comes packaged with three Mega Darts, three Micro Darts, and a Gear Tooth Arrow.


It was designed to fire three different types of ammunition: Mega Darts, Micro Darts and the unique Gear Tooth Arrow. Each ammo type was fired out of the same muzzle; the blaster did not feature different loading mechanisms, unlike the 1994 Nerf Action Switchfire or the 1998 SuperMAXX 5000.

The Triple Torch is the smallest blaster in the Mega Blitz line and the only one to fire arrows. Ammunition holders can be found on the side and top of the blaster.


At one point in 1998, it was re-released with new stickers of the Nerf logos of the time. [2]

The Triple Torch sold well enough to be listed as a "Perennial Best-Seller" in 2000.[3]

Reloading and firing

To reload the Triple Torch, simply insert either one Mega Dart, one Micro Dart, or one Gear Tooth Arrow onto the muzzle of the blaster. Pull down the cocking mechanism at the top of the blaster in order to prime the blaster.

Pull the trigger to fire a Mega Dart, Micro Dart, or Gear Tooth Arrow.


  • The Jolt EX-1 looks and operates very similar to the Triple Torch; it is possible that this blaster may have inspired the appearance and design of the Jolt EX-1.
  • This is one of only three blasters to fire three different types of ammunition under the Nerf label, the other two being the SuperMAXX 5000 and the N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike.
  • The Triple Torch gets its name from its appearance, which resembles a futuristic kitchen torch, along with its ability to use three different ammo types.



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