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Not to be confused with Mech Three.

The Triple Mech is a Buzz Bee blaster that was released in 2005 under the Ruff Stuff Air Blasters series.

It comes packaged with six Micro Darts, six discs, and six Ballistic Balls.


The Triple Mech is a flywheel blaster that fires three ammunition types: darts, discs, and balls. Its batteries are loaded into the fake magazine located below the muzzles.

Balls are loaded into a hopper tube, which comes detached from the blaster in packaging. Darts and discs are loaded through integrated clips, respectively rectangular and circular in shape. The blaster itself has three different muzzles and three different set of flywheels for each ammo type it fires. Two triggers help operate the firing mechanisms; the front-most trigger fires balls, while the rear-most trigger fires darts. Discs are fired by pushing forward on a lever, located just above where the battery door is.


The Triple Mech is a re-release of the Mech Three, with slight changes to its shell. It was re-released as an Air Zone blaster.