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The Maverick REV-6's firing trigger.

A trigger is one of the internal components of a Nerf blaster. It is also partially an external part due to it sticking out. The reason why Nerfers consider the trigger an internal part is because it causes the firing mechanism inside the blaster to work. Most Nerf blasters only have one trigger; however electronic flywheel blasters have two triggers: one trigger to fire the dart or XLR Disc and another one to power up the flywheels.


Firing trigger

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This is the part that almost every Nerf blaster has. In some blasters, such as the Secret Strike AS-1, the trigger is unique and is not shaped like a traditional blaster trigger. Older Nerf blasters have varying trigger shapes and colors. Newer Nerf blasters from the Vortex, Dart Tag, and N-Strike series feature the same trigger on every blaster.

Acceleration trigger

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This trigger is only featured on blaster that use a flywheel system, as it is used to electronically power up the flywheels.


  • Some electronic blasters such as the Stampede ECS, do not use flywheels and as a result, have a button, rather than a trigger, for its electronic capabilities.