Not to be confused with the 2014 Super Soaker of the same name.

The Tri-Strike is a Nerf dart blaster that was released in fall of 2016 under the N-Strike Modulus series.

It comes packaged with a Mega Dart Barrel Extension, a Missile Launcher Stock, a ten dart clip, ten Elite Darts, four Mega Darts, one Elite Missile, and instructions.


The Tri-Strike is a clip system blaster that gets its name from its main advertised feature. With its included accessories, the blaster can fire three different types of ammunition: Elite Darts, Mega Darts, and Elite Missiles.

The blaster features detachable shoulder stock and barrel extension compatibility; it also has one tactical rail located on top, behind the jam door.

The main blaster has slam fire capability. The Tri-Strike seems to have an unjamming button on the side, however, it does nothing.

Official description


The Tri-Strike was officially announced in January of 2016, prior to the New York Toy Fair of the same year.

Value packs

The Tri-Strike has been released in a value pack that consists of the blaster itself, a Mega Dart Barrel Extension, a Missile Launcher Stock, twelve Elite Darts, four Mega Darts, one Elite Missile, a Grip Blaster, a Tactical Light, and a Targeting Light Beam.


  • The Tri-Strike is the first bolt-action blaster to feature slam fire capabilities.
  • Some stock images of the Tri-Strike have a loose dart in the barrel, for reasons unknown.
  • In some images of the Tri-Strike, the model is shown firing the missile without hands on the stock, which is nearly impossible unless the user fires the missile then both the Mega Darts and an Elite Dart. This could be a possible explanation.


The full image gallery for Tri-Strike may be viewed at Tri-Strike/Gallery.

Official videos


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