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The Tri-Break is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2018 under the N-Strike Mega series.

It comes packaged with three Mega Darts.


The Tri-Break is a break-away, single-fire blaster similar to the SledgeFire, and is able to hold three Mega Darts at a time. It loads through barrels accessible through the break-away mechanism. Unlike the Sledgefire however, it does not prime through the break-away mechanism. Instead, it is primed using the plunger rod on the bottom of the handle, similar to the BigShock. Opposite of the firing trigger is the button that allows the front half to break away. It has a single tactical rail on top and two sling mounts on the front.

It uses an intelligent air restrictor system to fire darts. Due to the way it functions, it can be considered the Mega version of the Triad EX-3.

Official description


The Tri-Break was originally shown off at Hascon in late summer of 2017. It was shown off again at the 2018 Toy Fair.


The blaster can have the "break" piece removed to make reloading easier, while also adding a bonus dart holder in the process in the form of the hinge loops. It can also take a simple spring upgrade. It can fire all darts at once by removing the air restrictors similar to the Triad EX-3.


  • This is the second N-Strike Mega blaster to load internally with internal barrels. The first was the DoubleBreach.


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