Total X-Stream Air is a brand of Lanard dart blasters that began in 2003.

One series exists under the brand: Clear-X.



The Total X-Stream Air brand was launched alongside a brand of water blasters with a similar name - Total X-Stream.

The brand was seemingly discontinued in 2020, in favor of the BallistX Blaster brand.

Total X-Stream Air products


Name Year
BlastBazooka box Blast Bazooka 2003
FirstShot-blue First Shot 2003
StealthShotBoxNew Stealth Shot 2003
[citation needed]
BigSalvo Big Salvo 2004
[citation needed]
FireShot6 Fire Shot 2004
MaxShot Max Shot 2004
[citation needed]
PopDart3 Pop Dart 2004
[citation needed]
Unknown Quick Shot 2004
[citation needed]
Unknown Triple Shot 2004
[citation needed]
SpeedLoader greenblue Speed Loader 2005
[citation needed]
OverUnder-bluegreen Over Under 2006
TotalXStreamAir SonicBazooka Sonic Bazooka 2006
[citation needed]
TotalXStreamAir BallBlaster Ball Blaster 2007
[citation needed]
ClipShot Clip Shot Fast and Furious 2007
[citation needed]
TotalXStreamAir CosmicThruster Cosmic Thruster 2008
[citation needed]
HandCannon Hand Cannon 2009
[citation needed]
ShotGun Shot Gun 2009
[citation needed]
TotalXStreamAir CrankingCannon Cranking Cannon 2010
[citation needed]
TotalXStreamAir ShellShock Shell Shock X-6 2010
[citation needed]
TriBlaster Tri-Blaster 2010
BallisticShooter Ballistic Shooter 2011
JAMBlaster TXA J.A.M. Blaster 2011
PopShotBoxOld Pop Shot 2011
[citation needed]
TotalXStreamAir Rotator Rotator X-8 2011
TotalXStreamAir BallisticShooter Ballistic Shooter X-8 2013
TotalXStreamAir DoubleBarrel Double Barrel 2013
[citation needed]
BlastBow Blast Bow ?
DiscBlaster Disc Blaster ?
NanoArsenal box Nano Arsenal ?
TotalXStreamAir RapidFireRevShot Rapid Fire Rev Shot ?
RingAcceleratorLanard Ring Accelerator ?
SlamShotRocket Slam Shot Rocket ?
SlingshotLanardBox Slingshot ?
TwinBarrel box Twin-Barrel ?
TotalXStreamAir ZipShot Zip Shot ?


Name Year
LanardScatterBlast Scatter Blast ?

Blaster sets

Name Year
Unknown Ball Blaster & Over Under Combo Set ?
UltimateBlastersset Ultimate Blasters ?
UltimateTripleShots Ultimate Triple Shots ?
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