The Thunderhawk is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2018[1] under the AccuStrike Series.

It comes packaged with ten Mega AccuStrike Darts.


The Thunderhawk is a bolt-action blaster that features a horizontally-fed, integrated ten dart clip, with similar performance to the Battlescout ICS-10. A non-removable collapsible bi-pod can be found underneath the blaster. The blaster also features an extendable barrel, which transforms the blaster into a sniper style blaster, and has a tactical rail on top. There are several sling points on the back stock as well.

Official description


The Thunderhawk was officially announced on January 23, 2018, along with the Infinus.[1] It was later shown off at the 2018 New York Toy Fair.


  • It is the longest blaster so far produced by Nerf, surpassing the Centurion by 0.3 inches.
    • Because of this, the Thunderhawk could possibly be considered a successor to the Centurion.
  • The blaster's bolt is removable for storage. Ironically, this feature is pointless due to the blaster's fixed clip always being in the way.
  • The barrel is actually wide enough to not hinder a dart's performance.[2]
  • Despite being not meant to be removable, some Thunderhawk clips can actually be removed from the blaster with no modification. [3]
    • Using a card or a similarly flat object, the clip can be removed from the blaster.[4]
  • Oddly enough, when the barrel of the Thunderhawk is extended, the tactical rail on it moves with it, defeating the purpose of putting on a scope for this "sniper" style blaster.


The full image gallery for Thunderhawk may be viewed at Thunderhawk/Gallery.


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