• can somebody please send me a link where i can buy streamline darts?

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    • DISCLAIMER: These Streamlines and these Streamlines are a complete rip-off, and an utter waste of money. But here you go Hx.

      I won't mince word. Streamlines darts are some of the oldest, hardest to find, most expense, and totally inconsistent darts you could possibly buy today.  Did I say  expensive ? Unless you're putting together a diorama  of the "Nerf experience: circa 2006" for your world history class and need some authentic antique darts, these might be the worst darts you could possibly buy in 2018. IMHO  

      So before you rush off to buy these, please let us know why you're looking for Streamline darts. Maybe we can help you avoid a total train wreck 😉

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    • There are a few listings on eBay and Amazon I believe. However, the prices are insane. 12 crummy darts for around $40 is what I’ve seen. Plus, why do you want them? There’s a reason Hasbro replaced them with the Elite Dart: they’re much more versatile and lighter. And stepping even further out, there are plenty of third-party darts out there that are more accurate and cheaper than any official Nerf dart out there.

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    • Darn, Elliott beat me to it, and gave a more detailed response. I blame this mobile keyboard that doesn’t register half the time.

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    • Elliottw wrote:

      ... these might be the worst darts you could possibly buy in 2018. IMHO  

      Correction: the worst darts you could POSSIBLY buy today are World Tech Warrior 

      World Tech Warrior darts

      elite clones. Gawd, even saying the name leaves a taste in my mouth.

      These are absolute unadulterated trash. Literally.  I threw a hundred of them in the garbage because they were so bad.  Every single one veered off wildly into the weeds. Every. Single. One.  Maybe they were designed as Joke Darts.  They're really meant to pull a Dick-Cheney and hit the guy standing next to you in the face 😉

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    • i got a longshot with no darts and when i thied it with elite darts, they got wrecked. 

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    • There is a fix for that which will allow the blaster to shoot elites.

      It requires you to do a little modification to the dart post. If it doesn’t work, I still don’t recommend buying Streamlines. Even if they’ll jam less, oh boy, do Streamlines have their flaws.

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    • Men-gun


      There are many darts with conical heads that work great in older LongShots. One of the best and least expensive is MenGun darts, also known as  RadEagles.  They're available on Amazon, and generically and by brand name at NFStrike.
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    • Are you talking about Elite Darts? or the OG Streamline darts? the ones that were only compatible with clip system blasters? 


      you know... these things?

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    • if so... Elite Darts Are your best option(Even though they are incosistent they are a hell of a lot more consistent than the OG Streamlines) 

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    • I'll send you some of my old streamline darts I'm not using. If you want them that badly, all I ask is that you pay the shipping cost. Let me know on my talk page if you are interested.

      But there are better options. One of my Longshots used to bend the head of the dart in and jam with almost every Elite dart. The problem has to do with the dart tooth, which prevents darts from falling out of the blaster when it's primed. Some how Elite darts will get caught on it and get bent. I have a hunch that Streamlines get caught too, but since they have that really long dart peg, they don't get bent like Elite darts will. The best thing you can do is buy some cheap knock offs from NFStrike or similar websites and they should work without issue. 

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    • the same thing happened to mine as well

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    • A FANDOM user
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