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    So I saw an image on the internet which showed 10 different types of elite darts. Can someone identify them?

    Here are them Blue body with orange tip is elite/sonic ice Red body with orange tip is sonic fire/mega Black body with orange tip is one I need to find out Light blue with orange tip I need to find out White body with orange tip is modulus Light orange with orange tip is n strike Yellow body with orange tip I need to find out All lime dart is zombie strike Purple body with orange tip is probably rebelle idk for sure Then yellow green with orange tip i need to find out sand orange with black tip is doomlands 2169 White body with black tip is doomlands 2169 impact zone Grey body with purple tip is alien menace Pls find out the darts I'm not sure about. I u do, let me know in the comments Oh and elite XD darts have the same color but say n strike ELITE on them.

    Here are some new 2017 nerf guns Accustrike alphahawk Accustrike falconfire N strike mega double breach Zombie strike out breaker bow Doomlands 2169 negotiator Pls awnser in the comments the darts and what your fav out of all of the guns I listed above.

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    • Aren't you asking two different questions about darts and blasters?

      If you are asking about Nerf's own brand of Elite darts and sub-lines, they may look different and may also cost different (due to the cost of printing complex designs/colors), but they will all perform the same. AccuStrike being a completely new and separate type, of course. All quite expensive, compared to knockoffs you can (and should) buy on eBay or AliExpress.

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    • Just look up all nerf arts and then reply back ok nerf hoarder

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    • And the gun thing is for fun

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    • 1) But what is the issue you want resolved regarding the darts? Do you want to know which ones to get or to avoid?

      2) This entire forum is for fun, but we like to keep things organized as much as possible for easy searching.

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    • I need to make a presentation on all types of nerf darts and the series they go to

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    • And the gun thing is actually new guns out to now buy in 2017!

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    • Check out our Elite Dart article. That might be what you're looking for.

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    • I know more about darts than anybody on this thread Twen'yFour. But until you ask with a little civility, respect, and politeness, I ain't gonna tell you sh!+.

      So try again nicely, or go away.

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    • I like how Elliott is that one guy who's completely blunt.

      Kudos Elliott.

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