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The thirty round drum is a cancelled Nerf High-Impact Round drum[1] that would have been released under the Edge Series sub-series.

It would have come packaged with the Helios XVIII-700.


The thirty round drum can hold up to thirty High-Impact Rounds at a time. It would have been the first high-impact round drum. Due to its size, it may only be compatible with the Helios XVIII-700, the Hera MXVII-1200, the Apollo XV-700, and the Finisher XX-700. Due to the High-Impact Round's spherical shape, the drum can store rounds effectively and compactly in a helical configuration, unlike dart drums. Its follower is made of linked spheres of similar size to High-Impact Rounds, to accommodate the drum's spiral shape.


It was originally leaked with the leak of the Edge Series Helios in winter of 2018.

A patent for the design of the drum was published on July 4, 2019.[2]

It has made it into the hands of some Nerfers, however its production was cancelled with the Helios due to feeding issues.



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