The thirty-five dart drum is a Nerf dart drum.

It comes packaged with the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 and the TerraScout Recon, and cannot be purchased separately in stores.


As its name suggests, it can hold up to thirty-five Streamline Darts or Elite Darts at a time. This drum can be used on any clip system blaster.


The thirty-five dart drum was first released with the Raider CS-35 in 2009.

The drum was released again in 2017 with a minor color scheme change with the TerraScout Recon as a replacement for the eighteen dart clip, providing a more compact design and decreasing the likelihood of getting stuck on obstacles.

Color schemes

The thirty-five dart drum has been released in the following color schemes:


  • This drum formerly had the highest capacity of any existing clip system clip or drum, before being overtaken by the fifty dart drum.
  • This drum can actually fit thirty-eight darts in without damaging the drum or the darts. However, as with most clips, loading more than recommended increases the possibility of a jam.
  • The back of the drum is clear, making it easy to count remaining darts.
  • Due to the size and shape of the drum, right handed users may find it difficult to use on blasters that accept clips from the bottom, such as the Alpha Trooper. However, because the top dart-loading section is nearly on the tangent, it is easier to carry around as it doesn't bounce around.


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