The  ten dart clip, also known as a ten dart quick reload clip, is a Nerf dart clip.

It comes packaged with the Tri-Strike and the RayvenFire. The ten dart clip can also be purchased separately through Amazon.


The ten dart clip is compatible with any clip system blaster. As its name suggests, it can hold up to ten darts at a time.

It is aesthetically similar to the six dart clip, twelve dart clip and eighteen dart clip, except for its size.

It is a near copy of the Nerf banana clip; the only difference is that the ten dart clip does not have a curved end, while the banana clip does. However, because the banana clip's curved end is dead space, this means that the ten dart clip is less bulky than a banana clip.

Color schemes

The ten dart clip has been released in the following color schemes:


The ten dart clip has the following variants:


  • It is the second smallest clip system-compatible clip, the first being the six dart clip.


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