Not to be confused with the other ten dart clip made by Buzz Bee or the Nerf N-Strike Elite ten dart clip.

The ten dart clip is a Buzz Bee dart clip.

It comes packaged with certain blasters. It cannot be purchased separately in stores.


The ten dart clip, as its name implies, holds up to ten darts at a time.

It is similar in design to the Ultra-Tek eight dart clip and the twenty dart clips, and, as such, is compatible with both Buzz Bee and Nerf clip system blasters.


The ten dart clip was first released in 2017 under the The Walking Dead cross-promotional product series with Dwight's Crossbow. It was later released under the Air Warriors line with blasters such as the Thermal Hunter and the Cyclonic.

Color schemes

The ten dart clip has been released with the following color schemes:


The ten dart clip comes packaged with the following products:


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