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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
A Navbox can be used to create a template which allows people to navigate between pages within the same subject (ie: series/brand of release, type of product, etc). These are called navigational templates.


To use a Navbox template to make a navigational template, paste in the following code.


1 should be replaced with the template name, without "Template:". This helps create view and edit links, for ease of access to other editors.


The heading name of the navigational template.


For templates with only one row of information. Remove this if the template in question will require multiple rows.


The heading/title of a row. Replace # for the number of the row.


The content of a row. Replace # for the number of the row.


|Header=[[Nerf Action]] blasters
|Group1=[[Ballzooka]] {{*}} [[Chainblazer]] {{*}} [[Double Crossbow]] {{*}} [[Sneak Shot]] {{*}} [[Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow]] {{*}} [[Switchfire (Nerf Action)|Switchfire]]
|Group2= [[Crossbow]]  {{*}} [[Ripsaw]] {{*}} [[Secret Shot (Nerf Action)|Secret Shot]] {{*}} [[Sharpshooter II]]}}

The above code will provide the following result:

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