Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
An infobox template for non-Nerf blasters. For Nerf blasters, use Template:Infobox Nerf blaster.


To add this infobox to an article, place the following at the top of the article:

{{Infobox offbrand blaster
|Title = 
|Alias = 
|Image = 
|Brand = 
|Series = 
|Sub-series = 
|Year = 
|Status = 
|Productnumber = 
|Price = 

|Ammo type = 
|Batteries = 
|Internals = 
|Size = 
|Weight = 

|Primemech = 
|Firemode = 
|ROF = 
|Flatrange = 
|Anglerange = 

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