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This template is used to cite sources online, in website or online article format. This template is based on Template:Cite web at Wikipedia.


{{cite web
| url = 
| title = 
| format = 
| image = 
| imagelink = 
| accessdate = 
| author = 
| coauthors = 
| publisher = 
| date = 
| archiveurl = 
| archivedate = 
| quote = 


A link to the citation.
The title used for the citation; if no article/video title is available, the HTML-set title of the webpage may be used instead.
Optional; the format the citation is in. This can range from a video, to a blog/news article, to a forum thread.
Optional; the file name for a website's logo, for sites like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, Hasbro/Nerf, other toy websites, or popular Nerf sources (BlasterHub, NerfCenter, etc.). (ie: Maverick.png.)
Optional; the website domain name, if an image is used. (ie:
The date that the citation was accessed/added to the article.
The author of the citation; if there are multiple authors, list the first one here. Authors should be listed as "last name, first initial", such as "Washington, G."
Any additional authors who worked on the citation.
The publisher of the citation, usually a news provider, blog, or web service (ie: YouTube, Twitter, Reddit).
The date the citation was published. Should be listed as "year-month (with zero)-day (with zero)", such as "2012-02-14".
year, month
An alternative if a specific date cannot be pinpointed. Year and month of publishing, respectively.
Optional; for use with the Wayback Machine. The archived URL should be put here, rather than in the url parameter.
Optional; for use with the Wayback Machine. The date the URL was archived in the Wayback Machine.
A specific quote from the source in question, if a few lines of text can support what you need a reference for.


{{cite web |url= |title=Buzz Bee Air Warriors Fall, 2014 Line-up Detailed |format=Article |accessdate=2019-04-02 |author= Mindemann, P.|publisher=BlasterLabs |date=2014-07-18|archiveurl=|archivedate=2015-12-10}}

Mindemann, P. (2014-07-18). Buzz Bee Air Warriors Fall, 2014 Line-up Detailed (Article). BlasterLabs. Archived from the original on 2015-12-10. Retrieved on 2019-04-02.

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