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The Tempest is a D-Dart blaster that was released in 2020. It requires four "AAA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with twenty-eight D-Dart Darts.


The Tempest is an automatic flywheel-powered blaster. It is unique in the sense that it fires by rotating the twenty-eight-dart turret, while a pusher in the back of the blaster nudges the darts into the flywheels. A power switch is located above the firing trigger.

It is compatible with Nerf Elite Darts.[1]


The Tempest V2 is an upgrade to the 2019 Tempest.


  1. BlasterHub logo.png BuffdaddyNerf (2020-09-15). The Reemergence of DDart (Article). Blaster Hub. Archived from the original on 2020-09-21. Retrieved on 2020-09-22. “Even V2 of the Tempest now fits Nerf Elite darts (the original shipped with slightly shorter darts, and many modders removed the front retention rail to allow normal dart usage). That’s not listed on the data sheets, but it was confirmed with the company via email.”