The Tek 10 is a Buzz Bee blaster that was released in 2003 under the Ruff Stuff Air Blasters series.

It comes packaged with ten Micro Darts.


The Tek 10 is a blaster with a ten-dart turret. It has a top handle, which doubles as the priming slide; this was present on various Tek blasters.


The Tek 10 was one of the first "Tek" Buzz Bee blasters. It was initially released as the Tek Ten.

It was re-released under the Air Blasters and Air Warriors series. It was also re-released as an Air Zone blaster. A notable re-release is the 2007 Lego Bionicle Toa Mahri Dart Shooter.

Color schemes

The Tek 10 has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Ruff Stuff Air Blasters Tek 10 (lime green, orange, and silver)
  • Air Blasters Tek 10 (yellow, black, and silver)
  • Air Zone Tek 10 (red, black, yellow, and orange)
  • Air Zone Tek 10 (blue, yellow, and silver)
  • Lego Bionicle Toa Mahri Dart Shooter (dark blue, red, and silver)

Blaster sets

Two Tek 10 blasters were included in the Twin Tek 10 blaster set. Two were also included in the Tek Value Set, alongside two Tek 6 blasters.


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