The Target Set is a Nerf blaster set that was released in 2014 under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with a Jolt, a clip-on sight, three targets, and three Zombie Strike Darts.



This set was first unveiled at the 2013 New York Toy Fair.

This set also makes the fifth series the Jolt has been released under (preceded by N-Strike and N-Strike Elite releases, a cross-promotional blaster set, and the Dart Tag series as the Stinger).


  • In Europe, where the Zombie Strike line uses a different packaging design that features prominent elements from the N-Strike Elite line (including the N-Strike Elite logo), this set is marketed as part of the N-Strike series instead. This is likely due to the Jolt's inability to reach the advertised twenty meters range of the blasters in the N-Strike Elite series.