A Target Master Arrow is a type of Nerf arrow.


Unlike the standard 11" and 9" arrows, the Target Master Arrows featured a suction cup head. This suction cup doubles the weight of the arrow; the average 11" arrow weighs five grams, while a Target Master Arrow weighs ten grams. The additional weight reduces the potential range when shot from most arrow-compatible blasters such as the Bow 'n' Arrow, but the front-heavy tip makes it possible to effectively throw by hand. The suction cup also shifts the center of gravity from 5 1/2" from the tip, to 3" from the tip, and encourages a more true flight.

Color schemes

The Target Master Arrow was released with the following color schemes:

  • Black with blue fins
  • Purple with yellow fins
  • Purple with pink fins

Refill sizes

Target Master Arrow refill packs come in the following sizes:

TargetmasterArrows 2 ?

Official videos

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