The tactical scope is a Nerf scope accessory that was released in 2008 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged in the Element EX-6 Action Kit, as well as its own Mission Kit.


It has no magnification abilities, but it is useful for aiming at a target. There is a tinted yellow lens that can be placed to the side.

The scope may be placed on any Nerf blaster with a tactical rail. The user looks through the lens to line up marks on the front lens with the intended target and fires. It is not completely accurate, but it does gives the shooter a decent idea of where their darts will hit.

Alongside the Dual-Mode Light Beam, the tactical scope is one of the few tactical rail attachments that has a tactical rail on itself, which is located on the top of the scope. This means that the user could place another accessory on top of it, or put it on the Strikefire's or Titan's reverse tactical rail. It also has a flip-on tinted lens on the front, used to reduce glare while aiming near bright lights. When flipped off to the side, the lens pegs into the side of the scope to prevent it flopping around.

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